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Thank you for visiting our site today.    
    I would like to give you few reasons to contact Estate Advisor’s today to see how we maybe able to help you like we helped the following people and many others.
    Mr. and Mrs. Jones contacted Estate Advisor’s and ask why they should take the time to meet with us, when they already had an Attorney, CPA and CFA on retainer. Our answer to Mr. and Mrs. Jones was in a form of a question. We asked them what they had to lose if they met with us. If everything in there Estate was fine all they could lose was time? But if we met with them and found things where not the way they should be they and their family may lose thousands if not millions of dollars what would they have lost?
    Mr. and Mrs. Jones decide to meet with us and after reviewing there Estate Plan we found that Mr. and Mrs. Jones heirs would have lost approximately 50% of their Estate to Federal Estate Taxes, income tax and Probate fees. After we completed our Estate Plan for Mr. and Mrs. Jones we increased the value of there Estate to the heirs by ten million dollars. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were skeptical as I am sure most people would be. So we set an appointment with one of the top seven tax attorneys in the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Jones and myself met with the Attorney and he reviewed our recommendations for Mr. and Mrs. Jones. His statement to them was and I quote “You would have to be nuts not to implement these recommendations. At that point Mr. Jones got on his cell phone, called the Attorney, CPA and CFP that they had on retainer and fired them.
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith met with us and we reviewed the Estate Plan that another company had done. We found that Mr. and Mrs. Smith where paying around $12,000.00 a year in income tax, had lost approximately $45,000.00 in there investments and were over paying on life insurance to the tune of $15,000.00 a year. After our recommendations were implemented Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s income tax dropped to around $2,500.00 a year they stop paying $15,000.00 a year in Life insurance premiums and they have not lost further a dime. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been a clients of Estate Advisor’s for over 13 years and their portfolio has grown by over $500,000.00.
    In a quick review of just two clients we have helped that thought everything in there Estate was fine.
    1. We increased the value to Mr. and Mrs. Jones Estate to there heirs by $10,000,00.00, eliminated all probate fee’s and covered all Federal Estate tax liabilities.
    2. We decreased the income taxes Mr. and Mrs. Smith were paying annually by $9,500.00 a year, saved them $15,000.00 a year in Insurance Premiums and increased the value of their portfolio by $500,000.00. So in the 13 years the Smith’s have been are client we have saved them approximately $123,500.00 in income taxes, $195,000.00 in insurance premiums and increase their portfolio by $500,000.00.
    Let me ask you a question. Are these two couples and their families better off for meeting with us? I would have to say YES AND SO WOULD THEY! These are only two of hundreds we have helped.
Shouldn’t you see how we may be able to help you and your family?